Programmes of Work

At CHE, we are commited to delivering projects that will benefit both our staff and patients. We work hard to produce a range of different projects, working alongside Central Camden Primary Care Network. We are extremely proud of our work and some of our key projects from the last year are showcased below.

2020 was a strange and difficult time for everyone, and although CHE is used to running a variety of different projects, as would be expected, our recent projects have been mainly focused around protecting our patients and staff from COVID-19. 


Camden Covid Response Unit (CCRU)

The CCRU was set up back in March 2020, when the first lockdown was announced due to COVID-19. It was put in place for patients who had suspected COVID-19, they could only be referred by their GP or by NHS 111 to come to the hub and have a face-to-face examination. It was based at the Peckwater Centre in Kentish Town, and was run by Camden Health Evolution, and commissioned by North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (NCL CCG).

The idea behind this unit was to allow patients to be seen in a COVID-safe way, it allowed us to keep potentially infected patients away from other patients attending their GP surgery.

PCN Hot Hub

The Hot Hub was set up by Central Camden Primary Care Network (PCN) and is offered to patients, both adults and children, who had suspected COVID-19, to have a face-to-face review by a clinician. It is located at Malet Street and can only be used by patients who have been referred by their GP.

This service enables us to properly review our patients, and make sure they are recieving the correct care dependent on their condition. It has helped patients to feel reassured in the knowledge that they are being examined properly and having their symptoms looked at in a safe environment. 

Once patients have been reviewed, all notes and and opinions are taken back to their GP who will follow up with the relevant treatment.  

Swiss Cottage Surgery Flu Vaccination Portakabin

The importance of vulnerable patients getting their flu vaccination was much higher this year due to COVID-19. To encourage this, and allow us to have more capacity to vaccinate patients, we set up our flu vaccination portakabin!

It was based on Winchester Road, and was run by our PCN team. Having the portakabin set up, meant that patietns could come to a safe, Covid-free space to have their vaccination done. Away from other patients and with minimal staff contact. 

The process was quick and easy and had high praise from patients who used it. Having this portakabin meant we were able to vaccinate our most vulnerable and help protect them from flu.

PCN COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Central Camden PCN (supported by CHE) were part of the first wave of GP's to roll out the Pfizer vaccination to patients. Our hub is based at Bloomsbury Surgery on Hunter Street and has been operating since 15th December 2020.

We have been working hard to vaccinate as many of our elderly and most vulnerable patients, as well as our front line health care workers. Our patients have praised us and our vaccine hub set-up highly and have all been extremely grateful to be receiving the vaccine. Our team have been working around the clock to make it happen and we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. 

Our hub has also featured in the press since we started vaccination, so be sure to take a look at the links below if you have time! 

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